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Making, making, making..

10th June 2020

Having this unexpected time at home and in the studio has enabled us to build, build, build!

Our third installation is now well on the way to being ready to share with you all. Just as soon as we are able.


Covid considerations..

8th June 2020

We have been locked away in our studio for the last couple of months working to ensure our installations are Covid-19 safe.

As a duo of artists creating here in the UK, bringing people together has always been at the core of everything that we do. We strive to provide a authentic and believable creative experience through genuine interaction and play.

Covid-19 has for us forced us to look at our 'hands on' approach to light art. Something we never thought we would steer away from. However here we are, and never afraid of a new challenge we have adapted our work to respond beautifully without the need for human touch.

If you would like to know more about how we can safely bring audiences together again in these unprecidented time, please do get in touch via the contact page.

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